Our Vision: Creating a palette of opportunities

We have been involved in the manufacturing of batteries since the 1950’s. We have developed our own workshop to cater for repairs and maintenance of diesel injection pumps while starting a trading activity, in parallel, for automotive spare parts and accessories. The Automotive Cluster holds a leading position in Mauritius, based on its technical know-how as well as on its longlasting experience.

This cluster is organised in 3 legal entities with 8 specialised departments. The companies involved are mainly Rey & Lenferna Ltd, Fortek Ltd and ATS Ltd.

We offer a wide range of starter batteries for every type of vehicles (cars, trucks, buses, motorcycles, electric bicycles as well as fork-lifs, etc). We market low maintenance batteries, known for their attractive prices, as well as maintenance-free batteries, which offer a longer lifetime with a high performance level. We also supply deep cycle batteries for golf carts which require repetitive deep discharge while operating. Since 2009, we have set up a dedicated workshop for the repair and maintenance of industrial batteries.

For more than 50 years, we have been selling lubricants and spare parts for both European and Asian vehicles through our own distribution network.

We offer a great range of products such as Wolf/Champion and Castrol motor oil and lubricants, TRW braking components, GUD and Boshi Clean filters, Blicks and Lucas lamps, Exedy clutch kits, SNR automotive bearings, amongst others.


Retail Hardware Supplies

Our Diesel Diagnostics division is specialised in the repair of diesel fuel injection pumps for all type of engines.

We are equipped with fully computerised test benches used to calibrate very precisely diesel engines in order to reduce both their smoke emission and their fuel consumption. Moreover, these test benches are essential for the calibration of new types of pumps that are running on diesel engines such as Bosh VP Pumps and all makes of common rail pumps and injectors.


We supply several types of lifting equipment for cars, trucks and buses ranging from under-wheel and under-body scissors to electromechanical 2-column lifts, as well as pneumatic and hydraulic cricks in order to meet the very specific requirements of each garage.

trading water

We offer a comprehensive range of tyre shop equipment including tyre changers, wheel balancers and vehicle geometry equipment. The range encompasses entry level products for low volume works up to some of the most technically advanced equipment for high throughput tyre shops.

Our latest generation of automatic tyre changers and wheel balancers features some of the most advanced technology available today, specifically developed to meet the increasingly complex wheels and tyres now in common use on many vehicles.

trading water

We offer spray booth painting facilities, designed for automotive refinish body shops which request high quality of painting processes, minimum running costs and reliability. Our equipment provide a cleaner, safer and functionally optimised workplace while controlling overspray efficiency and significantly reducing the preparation time.

We supply wash parks as well as roll-over wash units. The roll-over units offer high performance, profitability and flexibility and guarantee end customers exceptional wash and drying results. Electronically controlled wash cylinders ensure even and gentle submersion on all type of car bodies. Vehicle surfaces are thoroughly washed with an automatic rotation direction change in both the forward and return cycles.

Wash parks are self-service compact wash bays suited for any location. They are a combination of a machine wash unit and a self-service bay.

security equipment

Our products deliver powerful solutions to our customers. Our brand provides intelligent products with the right power and performance. We currently offer a wide range of automotive tools and accessories including:

  • Battery chargers

  • Jump starters

  • Power inverters

  • Lighting

  • Polishers

  • Cooler boxes



Automotive Tools

  • Battery chargers
  • Jump starters
  • Power inverters
  • Lighting
  • Polishers
  • Cooler boxes
  • All sorts of jacks: Air (pneumatic & hydraulic jack,
    bottle jack stands with locks, garage & racing jacks)

Garage Equipment

  • Pneumatic shop presses
  • Motorcycle lift table & support stands
  • Oil extractors
  • Air tanks
  • Electric winches & Engine cranes
  • Impact & torque wrenches
  • Under-wheel & under-body scissors
  • Tyre changers & wheel balancers
  • Vehicle geometry equipment
  • Spray booth painting facilities
  • Wash parks as well as roll-over wash units

Automotive Parts

  • Motor oil & lubricants
  • Braking components
  • Automotive bearings
  • Clutch kits
  • Filters