Our Vision: Creating a palette of opportunities

Strategic Investment
Over the years, we have strengthened and maximized our presence in the Financial Sector through a very aggressive and focused-investment strategic approach. As a result, our current Share Portfolio includes important equity stakes in some major regional and international insurance, leasing, banking and offshore financial management companies.

Furthermore, we have put special emphasis on the property sector through the acquisition of some prime real estate in the Capital City of Mauritius, Port Louis.

La Prudence Leasing Finance Co. Ltd

Incorporated in June 2001, La Prudence Leasing Finance Co. Ltd offers tailored solutions with regards to non-bank deposit taking while providing asset finance through finance and operating leases.

Our mission consists in serving the needs of corporate, SMEs and individual clients by offering leases on several types of products ranging from private, industrial and utility vehicles to industrial and agricultural equipment or heavy machinery.

Credit Guarantee Insurance Co. Ltd

Credit Guarantee Insurance Co. Ltd (CGI) was incorporated in 2009. The shareholders are La Prudence Holding Ltd (60%) and The Mauritius Commercial Bank (40%). The world’s second largest credit insurer: Atradius and Atradius Re, act as technical partners for the company.

CGI’s core business is credit insurance. It provides cover to businesses against non-payment of debts owed to them by business customers for goods or services provided on credit terms. It helps to foster the commercial development of businesses all over the world by securing and optimising trade receivables’ management.

The company has gradually developed an expertise for domestic and regional risks (including the African continent and India) in addition to Europe and other developed nations where Atradius has a stronghold in terms of a very large information database.

The growing economic turmoil looming in our main export markets is likely to take its toll on companies with regards to the soaring number of protracted defaults and insolvencies. Credit Insurance is the most effective solution to protect businesses and their cash flow, especially in recession times.


TThe Mauritius Union Group was created from the merger of La Prudence (Mauricienne) Assurances Ltée and Mauritius Union Cy Ltd in 2010. It is listed on the primary market of the Stock Exchange of Mauritius, i.e. the SEMDEX.

The Mauritius Union Group operates in the insurance sector, through the Mauritius Union Assurance Co. Ltd for General Insurance (short-term insurance business) and La Prudence (Mauricienne) Assurances Ltée for Life Insurance and Pensions.

The Group also holds 3 subsidiaries: Feber Associates and National Mutual Fund (NMF) Ltd, which are are two fully-owned subsidiaries as well as Associated Brokers Ltd (ABL). Feber Associates specialises in Group Pension Schemes and NMF Ltd is a Fund Management company which specialises in “unit trusts?. ABL is 80% owned by the Group and a member of the Stock Exchange of Mauritius. It deals with stock broking services.

Lending and financing of property development projects through our Lending and Property department also forms part of our activities.

Mauritius Union Assurance Co. Ltd has an asset base of more than USD 80 million and over USD 300 million of fund management.

Mauritius Union General Insurance

The mission of Mauritius Union General Insurance is to serve the needs of corporate, SMEs and individual clients by offering all classes of shortterm insurance products. From Motor Insurance cover to Contractors’ All-Risk or even Financial Risks, we can propose tailor-made solutions to all our clients.

With the combined expertise of the two past teams – Mauritius Union and La Prudence –, Mauritius Union General Insurance is presently the market leader of General Insurance in Mauritius.

We also propose loans for vehicles and property acquisitions as well as educational financing facilities through our specialised Lending and Property Financing team.

We have a broad distribution channel and operate either directly though our main offices based in Port Louis and the Caudan Waterfront, or through our 10 branches (including one in Rodrigues and another one in the Seychelles). We also have a major network of professional sales representatives and independent brokers.

Feber Associates

Feber Associates, established in 1985, is the first professional pension fund management company to have been set up in Mauritius. It was a subsidiary of the insurance company La Prudence (Mauricienne) Ltée. Since May 2010, Feber Associates has joined the Mauritius Union Group.

Feber Associates has more than 25 years experience in assisting in the implementation and management of pension funds for small, medium and large enterprises. It provides valuable insight on all the complex aspects of pension plans as well as support in its clients’ undertakings, from fund administration to investment management, without forgetting the actuarial team.

Pension funds are established by companies to allow their employees to receive a source of additional income at the time of retirement. The objective of Feber Associates is to offer the most efficient solution by being always effective and competitive. Whatever the contribution period and the level of compensation, to have a pension plan is a necessity today. Feber Associates holds all the necessary tools and services to enable companies to set up a pension fund and save with confidence.

La Prudence Life

We have been helping Mauritians grow and protect their wealth for over 60 years, through Mauritius Union Assurance Co. Ltd and La Prudence (Mauricienne) Assurances Ltée. Hence since January 2011, La Prudence Life Insurance, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Mauritius Union Group, amalgamates the extensive life insurance and pension expertise of both the former Mauritius Union Assurance and La Prudence Mauricienne.

Our life insurance specialist arm offers a wide range of life insurance and pension solutions tailored to suit our clients’ needs across the world. Our products are available through our life insurance advisers or directly to customers, making it easier to find the solution that best suits one’s needs. La Prudence Life Insurance also offers long-term loans (home loans and educational loans) and specialises in financing property development projects through its dedicated team.

The company is a leading provider of life insurance, pension and advice solutions in Mauritius.

National Mutual Fund (NMF)

National Mutual Fund Ltd (NMF) was established in 1990 as a joint venture between local private insurance companies and some governmentcontrolled companies in an attempt to encourage savings among the Mauritian population.

As the pioneer in Unit Trust investment in Mauritius, NMF offers local investors an opportunity to access a broad range of mainstream asset classes through its two exclusive unit trusts, namely the NMF General Fund and the NMF Property Trust.

Over the years, NMF has remained at the forefront of the development of the local industry and has created a reputation for investment excellence in helping investors to build wealth.

Since January 2010, NMF forms part of the Mauritius Union Group, following the acquisition of 95.71% of issued share capital.

Associated Brokers Ltd

Associated Brokers Ltd (ABL) has been involved in stockbroking since the creation of the Port Louis Stock Exchange in July 1989. ABL readily undertakes assignments as Financial Advisor and Sponsoring Stockbroker in Public Offerings, Rights Issues and Private Placement of Shares.

Associated Brokers Ltd is a private company and a subsidiary of The Mauritius Union Assurance Co. Limited, whose shares are quoted on the Stock Exchange of Mauritius.

ABL is licensed to carry on the business of dealers and traders in shares, stocks, debenture stocks, bonds, notes, obligations and securities of all kinds whether for the company or on behalf of other persons, companies, organisations or institutions.

United Docks Ltd is a property management company owning nearly 10 hectares of land in the Port area, as well as about 20,000m² of warehousing facilities.

In addition to warehousing and real estate, United Docks Ltd has substantial investments in both fixed assets and investments assets.

United Docks Ltd is listed on the primary market of the Stock Exchange of Mauritius: the SEMDEX.