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Sugar Technology
Sugar cane cultivation in Mauritius goes back to the 18th century and has been at the heart of the development of the island. This industry has been the backbone of the Mauritian economy for almost 3 centuries, facilitating the development of solid knowledge of sugar manufacturing, research and the diversification of activities through the production of alcohol or power.

The Sugar Technology Cluster comprises 10 legal entities and is organised in 9 highly-specialised divisions. Over the last 80 years, we have accompanied Mauritian sugar manufacturers through all the stages of their development and in the recent past, we have managed to export our products and services to several countries including Chad, Swaziland, Zambia, Nigeria, Tanzania, Mozambique, Kenya, Madagascar, Rwanda, among others.

After years of providing repairs and maintenance services to the numerous sugar factories throughout the island, we have developed sufficient knowledge of sugar manufacturing equipment to start designing and producing these on our own. In-depth manufacturing knowledge and close collaboration with operational experts of the industry have thus helped us evolve into a design-and-build powerhouse for the sugar industry in Africa. We now export our equipment and services to the entire African continent.

Having our design office and workshops within the same precinct allows for greater flexibility and efficiency. We use the latest in-design technology and software and have also developed in-house improved high efficient equipment to serve the industry. Furthermore, we also master the latest laser technology to provide rapid and accurate field measurements as well as for the conception of up-to-scale 3D “models?. We constantly strive to develop new production equipment designs in view of improving the performance, energy efficiency and return on investment of our customers’ respective production units.

In addition to the design services, we also offer consultancy services for green field projects. These services extend to other industries related to the sugar industry, such as steam and power cogeneration, sugar refinery, distillery and bio fuel production.


Retail Hardware Supplies

We have proven expertise in developing, planning, executing and controlling a wide range of mechanical engineering projects. We pride ourselves in our ability to provide accurate, high-quality services tailored to individual project requirements. We can customise project management best practices to suit our clients’ requirements and needs while placing primary emphasis on all milestones of a particular project, including scope and definition planning, budget development, detail engineering, procurement, inspection and testing, construction, commissioning and start-up.

Retail Hardware Supplies

Based on the designs and drawings produced by the design department, our workshops, with the support of our in-house foundry, can manufacture most pieces of equipment involved in the sugar manufacturing process. Depending on the size and complexity of the equipment, the latter will either be completely produced and assembled in our workshop or prefabricated in our workshop then packed in containers in kit forms and shipped to the various sites for erection. Our service includes the maintenance and refurbishing of sugar manufacturing equipment onsite or in our workshops.


The equipment manufactured by our workshop is shipped to the sites for erection and our team takes charge of assembling, welding, connecting and installing it in collaboration with local workforce. Final testing, commissioning and training will then be performed. We have also undertaken several sugar factory expansions throughout Africa as well as the total or partial dismantling and remounting of sugar manufacturing plants.


For more than 50 years, we have been a leading supplier of sugar testing equipment, such as polarimeters and refractometers, to the sugar industry. We provide laboratory equipment for the testing of sugar purity, viscosity of the sugar juice, colour of the sugar juice and crystals, ash content and moisture content. We also supply NIR (Near Infrared System) systems, a revolutionary on-line system which analyses several parameters throughout the sugar manufacturing processes – from sugar cane inspection and in-process testing to final product release.


Over the past decades, on different occasions we managed several sugar factories in various African countries such as Madagascar, Tanzania and Uganda. Our management services, which were effective for specific timeframes (usually between 2 to 4 years on a renewable basis), covered the following aspects: factory operations, field management, garage operations, administrative and accounting management. Our teams ensure the complete factory and garage operations and work in conjunction with agricultural engineers regarding field management and accountancy firms in terms of administrative and accounting operations.

Bio fuel refers to any solid, liquid or gas fuel that has been derived from biomass. Bio fuels can offer environmental benefits as they are biodegradable and have lower carbon emissions than traditional fuels. Whether a distillery or an ethanol plant is combined with a sugar factory or operates independently, we have the technical know-how and capability to offer a complete turnkey operational proposal from the design to the manufacturing and commissioning of all the equipment required to generate alcohol and ethanol.


Cogeneration, also known as combined heat and power, is the production of electricity and heat in one single process for dual output streams.

A number of countries, in particular those devoid of any fossil fuel, have implemented energy conservation and efficiency measures so as to minimise cogenerated energy (steam and electricity) utilised in cane processing and to export excess electricity to the grid. In 1990, cogeneration programmes were launched with the start of the diversification of the Mauritian sugar sector. We played an active role in this programme through the supply and installation of boilers fuelled by bagasse, coal or diesel and auxiliary equipment such as ID fans, scrubbers, electrostatic precipitators or turbo alternator and cooling towers. We also designed, manufactured and installed high and low pressure pipes.

The success achieved in the field of bagasse energy cogeneration in Mauritius can be replicated in almost all of the sugar producing countries of the African continent. Sharing of experiences and opportunities for training can be offered given the variety of power plants in terms of capacities, operating pressures and degrees of sophistication linked with plant efficiency.


Through the deployment of integrated solutions, tremendous improvement in the efficiency and productivity of a sugar plant can be achieved. Those improvements have been at the heart of our activities since 1992. Thanks to the support of our engineering, design and project management departments, we ensure the integration of various services and systems as well as the coordination of human and technical resources for a smooth, efficient and seamless completion of automation projects. The following are among typical key benefits brought by the integration of various processes and systems: reduction in manpower and therefore a decrease in human mistakes; reduction in steam consumption resulting in energy savings; improved reliability in plant operation and increased safety.



Cane Preparation Equipment

  • Weighbridges
  • Shredders
  • Feeder tables
  • Bagasse conveying systems

Juice Extraction

  • Diffusers
  • Mill rollers
  • Donnelly chutes
  • Intercarriers


  • Juice heaters
  • Juice clarifiers
  • Flash tanks

Juice evaporation

  • Kestner and Robert type Evaporators

Pan and Crystallization

  • Vacuum pans
  • Condensers
  • Melter tanks
  • Crystallizers

Sugar Drying and Storage

  • Sugar bins
  • Centrifugal stations
  • Dryers

White Sugar Process and Refinery

  • Syrup aerators & clarifiers
  • Phosphoric acid dosage tanks

Sugar Testing Laboratory Equipment

  • Near Infrared Systems (NIR) Analysis
  • Polarimeters
  • Refractometers
  • Electronic and industrial balances
  • Online refractometers
  • Handheld refractometers
  • Boilers and waste water testing kits