Our Vision: Creating a palette of opportunities

We have been involved in the textile industry since 1979. Over the years, we have been supplying both Mauritian and regional fabric mills and manufacturers with turnkey solutions including textile and garment manufacturing equipment, accessories and services, necessary for the smooth and efficient running of their respective production lines.

The Textile Cluster gathers 10 autonomous legal entities organised in 6 divisions, with a total workforce of 160 employees. We operate in countries such as Mauritius, Madagascar, South Africa, Ethiopia, Botswana, Nigeria, Tanzania, Congo Brazzaville, Mozambique and Namibia.

Our Textile and Apparel Manufacturing Equipment division supplies textile machinery and equipment covering each step of the manufacturing process, namely:

  • Knitting and weaving
  • Dyeing (yarn and fabric) and finishing
  • Pattern making, grading and marker marking
  • Spreading and cutting
  • Sewing (normal and automatic) as well as other assembly operations
  • Printing, embroidery
  • Washing, garment dyeing and drying
  • Steaming, pressing and packing

Ranging from the transformation of yarn into fabrics to that of fabrics into garments and to the finishing processes, our range of textile manufacturing equipment includes knitting, weaving and winding machines, dyeing and fabric finishing equipment.


We also supply garment manufacturing equipment for pattern making, spreading and cutting, sewing, value addition (embroidery, screen and digital printing, washing) as well as pressing and packing. Training, preventive maintenance and repairs form part of our offering in order to ensure the best lifetime of all the equipment that we supply.


The Buying Office and Trading Agents operate for the account of major European and American retailers since 1982. Our services start with the sourcing and selection of the most appropriate suppliers in regional countries such as Madagascar, Kenya, Botswana, Mozambique, Lesotho and of course, Mauritius.

Buying and Sourcing

Upon reception of the customers’ requirements and technical data, we will select the most appropriate supplier from a pool of factories that we work with.

The selection process will be based on the product technical specification (apparel, material, value addition and finishes), the target price, as well as the volume and lead time requirement.

We pay very special attention regarding the selection and work with manufacturers with a strong corporate social responsibility and that are internationally approved and certified by BSCI, WRAP and/or other similar organisations.


Upon agreement concerning the selected factory and on the price, we will ensure product sampling within a week.

We will cover and perform all pre-production and production followup. We monitor the full process with daily/weekly visits to the factories/ mills and via thorough updates of our critical path. This helps in providing proactive solutions to both the factories and our customers.

We keep constant updates of shipping schedules so as to propose the best options to our customers.

Quality Controls

In selecting and providing the right manufacturers/factories, our team understands that quality is a culture and not a process in itself.

Quality starts from the moment that we receive the initial technical pack and start assessing the feasibility of a particular product.

We ensure pre-production, line and final inspections as per the clients’ requirements and AQL.

Washing, shrinkage and colour deviation tests are also performed on the fabric as part of our quality assurance procedures.

KASA’s quality control executives have been trained in Europe and work in accordance with the industry standard Advanced Quality Level (AQL).

Our long experience of the textile industry has naturally positioned ourselves as textile consultants in fields of auditing, pre-certification and accreditation of fabric mills and factories to ensure that all the factories are compliant to all local and international labour laws, are socially and environmentally responsible.

We supply high-precision testing instruments and test materials for fabric testing and colour fastness testing to the textile, non-woven and leather industries. Our calibration service also adds real value to the laboratory testing activities.

We are active in the following areas: bursting strength, microscratching, colour matching, metal detection, rubbing fastness and tearing strength. We also offer a comprehensive range of testing products for physical and colour fastness testing.

Moreover, we are able to supply many of the more specialised instruments which are specified in international standards and retailers’ test methods.


As support to our Textile and Apparel Manufacturing Equipment, we provide a wide range of products:

Spare parts: to ensure the smooth and efficient running of the production flow, we provide spare parts on all machinery and equipment across the different steps of the production flow. We keep constant stock on regular items to provide our customer with the best support and lowest possible downtime in production.

Consumables: such as needles & needle plates, pressure foot, wax, cutting boards, knives and blades, loopers and spreaders. We also offer lubricants.

trading water


Equipped with top-of-the-range equipment and the latest technologies, the Accessories Manufacturing Division provides all the following.

Packaging and Labelling Accessories

Our product range includes printed, woven and self-adhesive labels for the textile industry. The purpose of labels in the textile industry is not only a matter of brand, size or care instructions; they provide consumers with more specific information on the garment (composition and allergens that it may contain, origin and sustainability of the product). They are also used for product tracking purposes through the barcodes appearing on the care label and the sticker on the packaging.

Manufacturing Accessories

In addition to labels, we supply a variety of accessories necessary to the manufacturing process such as embroidery and sewing threads, interlinings, herringbone tapes, collar bands and keepers, scissors as well as garment accessories including embroidery sequins, zippers, buttons and elastics. We also provide packing accessories such as pins, clips, collar keepers and packing tape.

security equipment



Textile Manufacturing Equipment

  • Knitting & weaving machines
  • Yarn & fabric dyeing machines
  • Yarn & fabric dyeing finishing solutions
  • Pattern making software and printers

Garment Manufacturing Equipment

  • Cutting machines (fully automatic & manual) - laser,
    straight knife and circular knife
  • Industrial sewing machines
  • Embroidery & screen printing machines
  • Industrial washing & drying machines
  • Ironing & pressing equipment
  • Packing equipment and accessories


  • Woven labels (satin, taffetas, high density, tubular)
  • Printed labels (nylon, taffetas, satin)
  • Self adhesive & stickers (barcodes, arrow, size, hanger stickers)

Quality Testing Laboratory

  • Colour fastness testing equipment
  • Fabric testing equipment
  • Electronic balances
  • Colour measurement instrument

Spare Parts and Consumables

  • Sewing machine needles
  • Spare parts for sewing machines such as needle
    plates, presser foot, needle holders, feed dogs,
  • Spare parts for cutting equipment such as blades,
    knives & abrasive belts
  • Apparel & other clothing accessories such as woven
    & non woven interlining, herringbone tapes, sequins,
    zippers, buttons, elastics